Wrapper around dc_contact_t*



dc_contact: NativeContact


  • get authName(): string
  • Get original contact name. This is the name of the contact as defined by the contact themself. If the contact themself does not define such a name, an empty string is returned.

    Returns string

  • get status(): string
  • contact's status

    Status is the last signature received in a message from this contact.

    Returns string


  • Returns {
        address: string;
        authName: string;
        color: string;
        displayName: string;
        id: number;
        isBlocked: boolean;
        isVerified: boolean;
        lastSeen: number;
        name: string;
        nameAndAddr: string;
        profileImage: string;
        status: string;

    • address: string
    • authName: string
    • color: string
    • displayName: string
    • id: number
    • isBlocked: boolean
    • isVerified: boolean
    • lastSeen: number
    • name: string
    • nameAndAddr: string
    • profileImage: string
    • status: string

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